Am I the only one who has no idea what the hell is going on anymore?

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Because if it weren’t for these stretch marks and my lack of dial up internet connection I’d be pretty sure it was 1999 again.

See, I thought we DID that already, you guys.

Here’s my argument:

>>>Spam is out of control to the point that Twitter is becoming an almost painful place to hang out and I hate checking email. I want to talk to my twittter friends again, really I do, only I can’t even FIND you people through the constant barrage of blatant porn links and completely unresearched urban legends/coupons for free cars slash pizzas slash plastic surgery. And I can’t even get started on the emails or my brain will explode.

(But really, is there for a reason. STOP FORWARDING THE STUPID. IT’S MAKING YOU LOOK FAT.)

>>>The New York Times has decided (against all reason and logic, might I add) that women questioning their family/life/career choices is somehow NEWS (Spoiler alert: NO IT ISN’T.) and has been running what has got to be the most ridiculous motherhood debate ever seen from a major news source in the history of the human race, by asking (and I am admittedly paraphrasing here, but not by a ton): Is Motherhood Killing Feminism?

I wish I were kidding. But I’m not.

None of these questions, concerns, worries or arguments are new, NYT. Talking about, thinking about and/or parenting? Talking about and thinking about balancing hands-on, daily childcare duties with education, marriage, financial needs and more? Figuring out how to feed children, how to get children to sleep, how to get children to learn stuff and do stuff and become tall people who aren’t assholes? Women have been doing all of these things forliterallyever, thanks.

>>>Then there’s the super scary computer virus that’s going to kill us all. And maim our pets. And go all Fight Club on our bank accounts (which is fine with me since I’ll be dead and don’t want my maimed pets getting any of my leftover cash, they’re ungrateful enough already). ¬†Or… wait. It’s just going to make it so we can’t go on the internet anymore?

Well. Ok, I guess. Clearly we’ve run out of things to do here.

(End of Rant.)


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One Response to “Am I the only one who has no idea what the hell is going on anymore?”

  1. TheNextMartha
    May 12th, 2012 @ 3:49 am

    I’m not the only one who didn’t click on your computer virus link right? Cause that just felt like baiting.

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